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Waste Management Recyclix Riga Poland Recycling Plastics

Dear participants of Recyclix, In this message I would like to share with you a list of Recyclix members who are included in the first phase of the compensation provision program. Be sure to access the document over here.

Also, I would like to address Dainis Vasiljevs and his partners in crime and demand them to provide refunds to the users in the exact amount as specified in the document presented above. Should Dainis Vasiljevs and the rest of the raiders have any questions about the procedure of the compensation provision, they can contact our team at our office in Riga.

Recyclix Riga Poland Recycling Plastics Waste Management

We saw the bank account statements that the raiders uploaded to the seized website and we are really sorry that your personal data were made public in such a mindless way. If you feel that your privacy or any other rights were abused, you are welcome to make a complaint to the hosting company of recyclix.com, which will help accelerate the procedure of closing the seized website down and stop the raiders from disclosing personal data without consent of the users.

Since the bank statements were selected in a manner that would make the raiders look legitimate, our team will soon publish an unabridged bank account statement—with due respect for the user rights for privacy—showing all relevant information on payouts.

Considering that everything the raiders have published on behalf of Dainis Vasiljevs so far either opposes the facts or sounds very little credible—beginning from the mythical loan agreement and non-existent contractual arrangements between Igor Pshenychnyi and other raiders as well as a lack of any official contact information and names of their so-called team—we believe that the best solution for the raiders right now would be to stop complicating the matters and simply fulfill their obligations by giving back the money to the users of Recyclix.

These outstanding obligations were unfulfilled by BEPAY—that was taken over by Dainis Vasiljevs—which is now trying to make the whole thing look like it was just another ‘deceived investor’.

Our team has always been the supporter of diplomatic ways in problem solving through negotiations and this is why we remind the raiders that they can visit our office in Riga and get themselves acquainted with the compensation provision strategy we prepared.

We would like to say that, taking the deplorable position of the raiders into consideration, we see no point in continuing to engage in this information war any more. The official government investigations will soon yield their results and right now we recommend the raiders to stop wasting everyone’s time and set the automatic redirection from the seized website to ecorevolution.com.

Remember that you can use ecorevolution.com website in order to login to your Recyclix account if you would like to access any information located in your member’s area, making sure that your earnings are safe.

Until the official Recyclix website page has been recovered from the raiders, updates about the progress of the crisis management plan, company fiscal and property audit, governmental investigation, and legal cases will be published by our team members via the official mirror of the Recyclix website and its Facebook page in English.

Yours sincerely,

Recyclix Crisis Management Team

Yaroslav Mikhalsky


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