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Recyclix news Meet the New Management Team

Dear investors of Recyclix,

My name is Yaroslav Mikhalsky and I will be the chairman of the new Recyclix management team, and together with my colleagues we will deal with the crisis management program and ensure that it is conducted in an inclusive and efficient manner.

Message to Recyclix Participants:

As you may have seen in the most recent publication on Facebook, we have already announced the approximate dates when compensations to Recyclix participants will begin. For users who have not had the opportunity to become familiar with the publication, I would like to reiterate that it is anticipated that the offsetting process will begin in June, On the progress of the crisis management The plan and the current events will be published by the members of our team on the website of Recyclix and its official page of Facebook in English.

Recyclix: About the Crisis Management Program

My colleagues and I are convinced that transparency and clarity are crucial when it comes to achieving a goal in a large company, especially if it concerns the management of funds, and that is why I would like to To inform more about crisis management Plan that Recyclix will launch in the nearest future.

All compensation will be paid by a special crisis management center that will be open in the short term. Funds for the provision of compensation have already been partially allocated and as soon as the crisis management center has been opened and our team has completed the tax and ownership audit of the company, the compensatory provision process will be initiated .

For greater transparency, a Supervisory Committee composed of Recyclix members themselves will be formed. We will inform you of the progress of the crisis management program in the following newsletters as well as on the official Facebook page of Recyclix.

Recyclix: About Current Events

There is one other important thing I would like to let you know in this newsletter because our team found some strange things about Recyclix following the start of the tax audit and ownership of the company.

You may have heard about the problem with Ruslan Puksto, who tried to take the company illegally by forging the official documents in January 2017. Unfortunately, a similar situation took place again on 23 March for unknown reasons. Most likely are also forging official documents too, and currently Recyclix is ​​illegally controlled by a certain Igor Pshenychnyi. You can consult the official legal information about the company here.

For improved security, the funds allocated for the provision of offsets were stored in the Latvian bank Citadele as well as on the accounts of BEPAY. However, last week a large payment was made to a Finnish branch of the Nordea bank without the consent of the board of directors of BEPAY.

The Nordea bank has already been contacted on this subject, but we still have not received any answers or definite solutions to this problem. That is why we would like to ask all those who have made payments to Recyclix via BEPAY to contact the Nordea bank using this model complaint letter. COMPLAINT LETTER PLAN to Nordea customer service and request for investigation of financial fraud.

Aleksin Kauppahuone OY
IBAN: FI8317453000088965
TEL: Calls from abroad +358 200 70 000 (international call charges)

And although, on arrival at Recyclix, our team did not expect such difficulties to occur, all the documents required at the start of an official investigation have already been submitted to the enforcement authorities. the law. A very similar case – an illegal takeover of the company that occurred in January – was resolved quickly through the hard work of the investigative officers.

We would like to inform you that these surveys should not affect the estimated start dates of the compensation provision plan announced earlier, especially if the majority of you contact the Nordea bank and ask them to launch an investigation On the illegal financing Transaction of the company BEPAY to their bank.

Apart from that, the initial phase of the tax audit and ownership of the company showed that the previous board of Recyclix tried to cover cases of embezzlement by some of its members. Our team has already launched a special internal investigation into these embezzlement facts by the former management team.

At this point I would like this newsletter to be completed and you will know that it will be a pleasure working with you every month to ensure an uninterrupted process of provisioning the corresponding compensation.

Make sure to contribute to the effectiveness of the clearing procedure by contacting the Nordea bank using the complaint form above in case you have made payments to Recyclix via BEPAY.

Remember that updates on the progress of the crisis management plan as well as the government and internal investigations will be published by the members of our team via the official website Recyclix and its Facebook page in English.

Sincerely, the Recyclix Crisis Management Team
Yaroslav Mikhalsky


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