TOP BEST video Funny Humor Beautiful Cascades Funny Tractors

TOP BEST video Funny TOP BEST  Humor Beautiful Cascades Funny Tractors

Funny video TOP 5 of the most beautiful Cascades just for laughter of Tractors BEST seller of the most beautiful truck trolley trucks, Tractors agricultural self-propelled vehicle, equipped with wheels or caterpillars, and which fulfills three functions in agricultural, rural or forestry work:

The traction of trailers or « Towed Agricultural Machinery or Instruments » for the transport or development of the holding, such as manure spreaders, trailed sprayers, harvesting equipment, and plowing land for seeding And crops …

(Forks / shovels on front loaders, tipping rollers, etc.) or, in most cases, at the rear, such as plows, dethatchers, tedders, harrows Rotary machines, grinders, blowers, etc. Thanks to a coupling system which is usually of the three-point coupling type for the mounted equipment.
The rotating parts and cylinders of these agricultural equipment are driven by the power take-off generally located at the rear, or the hydraulic (or pneumatic) system.
The steam and caterpillar tractor was invented by the Russian Fyodor Blinov in 1881.
The total number of agricultural tractors of all types operating in the world is 26.7 million.


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